I am SICK and TIRED of people objecting to seeing women using their breasts for what they are actually for. BREASTFEEDING IS NOT VULGAR OR OBSCENE.

I support breastfeeding all the way, even if it is in public.

And the award winning one:



Best post ever. Seriously sheeple, look around you and tell me this is a world where breastfeeding is more “wrong” and disgusting than allowing ads subliminally advertising sex…tell me we live in a perfect world. I’m tired of this shit. When a woman is basically blasphemed for feeding her infant child in the most natural, healthy way possible…i draw the fucking line. I’ve sat idly by for far too long. Rise my brothers and sisters…take back your freedom, or forever be oppressed, and consider the New Age Wolves your enemy…conservative sheeple…

Going On Hiadus

Hey guys. I love you all, but I need a break. Somehow, no matter who I unfollow, negativity keeps getting to my tumblr. It is really starting to effect me. I need to go for a few weeks, maybe more. With the divorce going on in my house and all that jazz, I can’t handle extra negativity. I love you all so much, and thank you for being such amazing followers and friends. I will see you all again soon, don’t you worry. :)

Love, Helen Stirling-Knight


small fish vs dog
small fish: 1
dog: 0


small fish vs dog

small fish: 1

dog: 0

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What did I do today?

Had a migrane, hated Robert, watched some No Game No Life, pet some cats, wore my sunglasses all day, kept all the lights off, lazed in my bed, complained about stuff, read an awesome book, helped mum take out the garbage and clean the fridge, and ate an entire 2/3 lb of garlic jack cheese.

This is what happens to me on my period.


Spirit of the Woods

If I was a god, what kind of god would I be?



Bonus point if you add some mythos about me


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imagine all your online friends living near you

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Am I the only one that feels guilty after killing an animal in a game?



That awful moment when you learn that this wasn’t scripted. That Will Smith’s character was actually supposed to brush off the whole thing, but Will’s father actually had left him when he was younger and he just fell apart on the set and the hug at the end was from one actor to another, not one character to another…

Always reblog.

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